Your assistant to hire, train and manage your staff

Cornerstone helps organizations to hire, train and manage their staff. 

Its software involves every aspect of the employee experience and helps staff to take even more advantage of their work, which eventually translates into better results for the company.

Cornerstone includes the following solutions:

  • Recruiting: Attracts, manages, selects and hires the right talent
  • Learning: Customizes your employees’ improvement
  • Development: Continuously trains and makes your staff progress
  • Content Anytime: Increases your staff abilities with selected eLearning content
  • Performance: Builds engaged, high-performing teams
  • Careers: Helps to quickly develop skills thanks to personalized training
  • HR: Allows to make staff-related decisions based on reliable data
Why Cornerstone Learning?

The world's # 1 training solution that helps you to adapt to change. Make sure your employees continue to develop their skills with the best training management system in the world.

With the Cornerstone eLearning platform, you can:

  • Establish and encourage effective training: Support students around the world with automated assignments, completion records, versions control, audits and multiple languages.
  • Train your staff from anywhere: Your employees are highly movable. Now, so is their training. Encourage your employees to learn anytime and anywhere with the Cornerstone app for iOS and Android.
  • Plan how each one of your employees will be trained: Cornerstone offers a wide variety of formats, including audio, video, digital documents, instructor-led courses and virtual reality, so that people can learn more effectively.
  • Reinforce your training with sophisticated analytics: As each training initiative is unique, Cornerstone creates customized reports to help track parameters and discover new ways to improve the training offered to your employees.
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