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We will not be just consumers anymore

Take control of your energy consumption

In the current era of information, energy consumers must be able to obtain data on their electrical consumption in order to improve the energy efficiency of their installations and to make substantial savings in their electricity bill.

To help to understand how we consume energy and how to reduce consumption, Opentrends has developed Wibeee.


Wibeee collects the necessary data to help users save on energy bill and have a sustainable consumption.


At Opentrends, we generate alternative realities turning devices into smart devices so your company can easily adapt to the new connected era. We take a step forward from data management and interpretation. Data turns into conversations, experiences and actions.

An efficiency expert always with you

To achieve a sustainable consumption, people must change their behavior. Therefore, we took the time to understand people's habits so that they can benefit from Wibee.

This unit monitors and gathers electrical data with the purpose of achieving the responsible and efficient control of energy consumption. The entire system has been designed to monitor information over wireless communications networks.

Wibeee collects the necessary data on electrical consumption and helps users interpret them so they can save on the energy bill and have a sustainable consumption. We want to make sure everyone has the information they need to be energy efficient.

Making sense of the data


Wibeee is a consumption analyzer (single-phase or three-phase), which uses a Wi-Fi connection for obtaining electrical data to facilitate decision-making.

The unit can be attached to any part of the installation, which helps you to detect any problematic points where energy is not being used efficiently. Once connected via Wi-Fi, you can immediately access the instantaneous data using your smartphone, tablet or PC. It also sends all of the data to a server in the cloud so that you can view and compare the various past consumption logs in a user-friendly manner.

Designing for Sustainability

Wibee is for everyone who receives an utility bill regardless of their age or energy and technology knowledge.

We apply user-centered design to electrical data to transform it into clear, intuitive and useful information. We're changing people’s relationship with energy. Wibeee is therefore the ideal tool for making your electrical installation efficient, controlling and showing your savings and helping you to take the right decisions.