Opentrends launches OpenWork, its flexible work model

July 26 2021

Since 2004, Opentrends feels the privilege of being able to participate in projects that help to improve today's society and that also prepare it for a better future by uniting talent, technology, creativity and innovation. 

An example of this takes us back to 2017, when Opentrends pioneered the creation of the first Car Play app for a large car manufacturer. In 2020, it helped AMB to develop the platform that manages the largest Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in southern Europe. That same year, it created the app that is helping to fight COVID-19 in Catalonia. 

With these projects, Opentrends has improved the quality of life of many people. Now, a new   milestone has arrived, one that will mark a watershed on the company’s history: #OpenWork. With this name, the technology consultancy has named its flexible work model, which will become effective once any risk of infection due to the current situation of the pandemic has been overcome. 

According to Mr. Jesús Ruiz, CPO of Opentrends, this new model brings a brand-new perspective: “Before the pandemic, we thought of in-person work with exceptional teleworking days. Now, we think remotely and offer spaces to facilitate face-to-face collaboration. Each team will adapt #Openwork according to the needs of the project and the team itself”.


This new mindset is reflected in the "Manifesto Opentrends" where the principles and action programs that represent the basis for #OpenWork are established. It will also include the specific flexible work agreements for each team. To facilitate collaboration, people who want to attend the office will be able to use an app, developed in-house, to reserve working spots.


In the words of Mr. Juan José Gimenez, CEO of Opentrends, “we are convinced that the path to success for any company goes through taking care of people. We are committed to a flexible work model, whose pillars are trust, responsibility and a common purpose. With #OpenWork, our #PeopleCentric value gains more strength and prominence than ever”.

About Opentrends

Opentrends is the consultancy that unites talent, technology, creativity and innovation to help companies on their path to digital transformation. Opentrends accompanies you to find disruptive business models, search for new opportunities and create sustainable competitive advantages. 

With 15 years in the market and more than 300 people in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Silicon Valley and Kerala, it has clients of the likes of GB Foods, Generalitat de Catalunya, Grifols, UOC, Madrid Digital and the WTO, among others.