SEIDOR Opentrends moderates a talk in "The District" about the metaverse in the Real Estate sector

October 26 2022

On October 21st, Carlos Roca, Senior Manager from SEIDOR Opentrends’ area of Digital Transformation, moderated the talk "What is the value that metaverse brings to the Real Estate Sector?" within the framework of “The District", the Real Estate sector fair in Barcelona; he did it together with Jimena Torno, of Vysion, and Carlos J. Ochoa, CEO of One Digital and President of VRARA Madrid Chapter.

Carles Roca junto con Jimena Torno y Carlos. J. Ochoa.
*Carles Roca with Jimena Torno & Carlos. J. Ochoa.

During the event, the new era of technological convergence that has reached the Real Estate sector was discussed, highlighting the importance of collaboration, co-creation and innovation to create really useful and differential user experiences. 

Some aspects such as digital twins were raised as a challenge and an opportunity, since, as the speakers commented, they allow, among other things, the simulation of actions or the management of infrastructures in virtual environments that have a replica in the physical one. All participants agreed on the statement "talking about metaverse is a mistake, we must talk about ‘realverse’”, defending that we can no longer talk about real or virtual. What is virtual is also real because an action in the virtual environment is replicated in the physical one and vice versa. Some real use cases of the so-called Metaverse in Real State were also presented, which came to demonstrate that these initiatives are "real", that they solve problems and that they have little to do with a 3D chat.

SEIDOR Opentrends modera una charla en "The District” sobre el metaverso en sector inmobiliario
*Source: Orlando Economic Partnership

 Blockchain was also discussed as a technology that has countless applications and that facilitates everything, from transactional security to the sale of physical and/or digital assets through their tokenization. This aspect can boost the more traditional Real Estate industry, since some actors affirm to be supported by the CNMV.

 Finally, emphasis was placed in considering projects that make sense and that answer the following key questions: what is the problem to be solved, what partners and technologies are needed, what are the expected benefits, who owns the infrastructure, how identities are managed, how to offer a differential user experience... all of them with the aim of finding the best way to solve the problem. 

Carlos Roca asked the attendees “Would you be willing to invest in initiatives related to the metaverse during 2023?" 

50% responded affirmatively.  This is a sign that, even though Real Estate is a traditional sector, it has identified a window of business opportunity and that during the next year we are going to see great initiatives.

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Carles Roca

Carles is a Senior Account Manager at Opentrends. He leads the financial sector and is an expert in operations management and BPM, CRM, LXP&LMS technologies. Previously, he has held management positions of talent management and digital learning in consultancy firms, insurance companies and banks. His aim is to develop technology-based value propositions that help improve customer experience, increase sales or reduce costs in a way sustainable in time.