[WEBINAR] Doubts that (almost) all city councils have about the Low Emission Zones (LEZ)

May 27 2022

Yesterday, we gave our third webinar on Low Emission Zones (LEZ). The webinar was attended by a total of 23 city councils that are on an initial stage of the LEZ development project of their city, or that have not started it yet and have doubts about the steps to take.

This time, the webinar had an interview format to solve the most frequent doubts regarding LEZs; these doubts aroused during the conversations we have had in recent months with more than 50 city councils.

The event was also hosted by Elena Sánchez, director of the ETC Value Offering Transportation; Cities division of our infrastructure partner Ayesa, who helped to resolve the most ambiguous issues regarding current legislation and aspects related to environment.

We addressed pollution regulations, levels that must be met by cities’ air, the effectiveness of LEZs or vehicles that can enter them, among other subjects.

Press “Play” and don’t miss anything:


In addition, to summarize a big part of the doubts solved in the webinar, we have prepared two articles exclusively addressing the most frequently asked questions by city councils on Low Emissions Zones:

If you are starting a LEZ development project (or have not started it yet); if you have started it and do not know how to continue, or if you have any doubts about the next steps to take, contact us.

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